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by Afenginn

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Mohan Thomas
Mohan Thomas thumbnail
Mohan Thomas I don't know how to explain this music. Parts of it remind me of... no, never mind. Just listen to it will you? Seems like some greek/turkish or persian influences, but maybe that's just my ears. It's truly epic.
Bob Spector
Bob Spector thumbnail
Bob Spector Richly instrumented and beautifully orchestrated, this big album is an extended series of variations on themes with deep folk roots from multiple traditions. The work ranges, though, from booming rhythms to parlando meditation, from quiet solo and duo work to a cinematically grand ensemble sound. Often singable, often danceable, it really does achieve symphonic scope, in an astonishing variety of timbres.

(Thanks, Olga Kivius, for buying and describing this album.) Favorite track: Gronja (P4).
Carsten Pieper
Carsten Pieper thumbnail
Carsten Pieper I read so much about Opus being mastermind Kim Nyberg's masterpiece that I ordered this one (as double CD) as a birthday present to myself. Poor me, now I have to wait some more weeks till I can allow myself to listen to the downloaded flacs in due time...
PS ... And when it arrived, it happened to be as wonderful as I dared to expect it. Very versatile, very well done - an Opus for real! Favorite track: Tabbouleh Rasa (U1).
Vyacheslav Potapov (VP)
Vyacheslav Potapov (VP) thumbnail
Vyacheslav Potapov (VP) Awesome conceptual work! I am in great admiration! This is probably the best album!!! I did not hesitate to lay this CD in a my collection of the best works of modern music.
PS. I can't pick a favorite track because this album has 4 large indivisible pieces.
Olga Kivius
Olga Kivius thumbnail
Olga Kivius I like these Danish guys, their music is amazing and great. Now they made something epical and it's really difficult for me to describe it. Influenced by folk, avant-prog and classical music, this is just a new gorgeous album of modern eclecticism that was made not to talk about it but to listen to it )) Very dense stuff with the huge amount of unconventional and bright musical solutions. ))
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Intro (O1) 01:39
Guzzy (O3) 02:26
luna televisio levi satellit loco tempesto Laura inherit Leo inhibit lava expedit luna televisio terror implicit luna televisio data satellit pornormalus Elvis sodomit Ella inhibit Eva expedit luna televisio tauno subterrit luna pandivisio inanimus teknit nix orbus actio binus unit unus fallifist nulli hola trist luna televisio plaga ben satis luna propevisio domus culinaris tellus ex luna lucia turbatis omaha dubis Deus insadist luna televisio omnipotent statist see the moon from afar light satellite crazy storm laura inherits leo inhibits lava serves see the moon from afar built-in terror ---- crazy tv data satellite bad normal pornography sodomite elvis ella inhibits eva serves crazy tv tauno is buried crazy division of everything inanimate teknite the snow-ball effect the union of the binaries number one is fallifist the zero is a sorry hole crazy tv a well sufficient net see the moon up close at home in your kitchen see the earth from the moon obvious confusion I am dubious God is not a sadist see the moon from afar all-powerful statist
partiro futile sto difficil stoa futile par grandir futile grande sto partir in gaudimonium flere sorgo in dolorosa ride seclutor incoimitatum vivere ergo indefinitis ego termo vise obscuritas audi surdum emo esse credo credum emo obscuritas audi malum responsibilis flere mondo in harmonia ride adversario incomitatum vivere homo indefinitis sine fatus ---- to part is small to stay is hard to stay is small to part is large small is large to stay is to part in joy cry sorrow in suffering laugh at the isolator alone live, alas unknowingly to your end to see is darkness to hear is deafness to feel is to know is to know to feel darkness to hear evil in responsibility cry the world in harmony laugh at the enemy alone live, human unknowing without words
Gronja (P4) 05:40
Ether (U3) 05:17
pandemonium est possessum futil demonos mon opossum canis embro omninoctuam spirecessum avis parvulus mon obsessum solo possibilis solo possibilis lacrits satanas viis alla hell sepulcrum mon pollo tele visio contrafasces cirka mentor mon pisces rattus filten solo con gravis solo necessis solo infinis solo momentum solo sirius solo osiris solo olos mon animus --- alldemonia/purgatory is possessed futile demon my opossum lapdog all is night spirit receeds small birds my obsession sole possibility possible solitude laugh at the devil fuck all/wise god/five under hi boneyard my chicken see far against the whip roundthinker my fish filthy rat alone with weight alone necessary alone forever alone in the moment siriusly alone alone, osiris alone, enola my animals/my soul
cornu ovis penna avis felis canis naturae forum divis            vinum panis                          liber vanis                             ventus sanis                          warum homo invitis             warum populus            caput manus                         habitus laevus                   dexter reindividis semen mellilium natural dividendum pratum messis amore memoriam amore memoriam an Bombay di Rotterdam aroma deodorant exlusiv variant cantate amoriam non demonisator reklam anno di nihilist okkultist antikrist amoral militant temporar okkupant amore memoriam an Kabul di Tórshavn --- the sheep´s horn the bird´s feather the cat, the dog nature divides wine and bread freedom in vain the winds of sanity (why) man invented why people severed hand/severed head in the hand posture turned left   the right re-undivides the seed of the honey-lily natural dividend a meadow that gives crop remember love remember love from Bombay to Rotterdam aroma deodorant exclusive variety sing love not demonisator commercials year of the nihilist occultist antichrist amoral militant temporary occupant remember love from Kabul to Tórshavn
Axiom (S4) 09:39


OPUS, the sixth Afenginn album, presents a composition built up in four movements, inspired by the form of the classical symphony. Exhibiting individual modes and characteristics, each movement is a piece in it’s own right. Thematic material, motifs and rhythmic patterns, nevertheless, connect each movement with the greater whole. OPUS is the result of a series of unforeseen circumstances, as well as the synergy and effort of many people. In a small way this mirrors how life often evolves: uncontrollable, unforeseeable, yet still somehow navigable. As a composer in the midst of this unfolding play, I am reminded that different qualities usually lead to a whole which is greater than the sum of it’s individual parts. These are part of the sentiments I wish to express with OPUS.


★★★★★★ "A symphonic masterpiece" GAFFA (DK)
★★★★★ "Visionary and timeless. I listened to it in one breath!" Stacja Islandia (PL)
★★★★★"Simply fantastic" Sound & Image (DE)
"A record like this has not been done before" Gaesteliste (DE)
"Matchless masterpiece" Musik an Sich (DE)
"OPUS is a fantastic double album that defies any clear classification" Volker Rebel (DE)
"I love this album more than bacon - and that's saying a lot! Magnificient!" The progressive aspect (UK)

✺ Danish Music Awards - folk 2016: "Composer of the Year"
✺ Danish Music Awards - folk 2016: "Release of the Year"
✺ Danish Music Awards - world 2016: "Danish World Composer 2016"
✺ Danish Music Awards - world 2016: "Live-act of the Year"


released April 29, 2016

Recorded in Studio 3 at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and Skuret in August-November 2015 by Jonas Nakel, assisted by Romans Komars, Louis Daurat and Weronika Weirzba. Mixed and mastered by Jonas Nakel. Produced by Jonas Nakel and Kim Rafael Nyberg. Music composed and arranged by Kim Rafael Nyberg. Lyrics by Timo Haapaniemi. Additional arrangements by Tróndur Bogason (Partiro Futile, Fototoksik, Pandemonium)

Rasmus Krøyer: clarinet, bass clarinet
Niels Skovmand: violin
Kim Rafael Nyberg: mandolin, piano
Erik Olevik: cello, bass, synthbass
Kaare Munkholm: marimba, vibraphone, piano
Knut Finsrud: drums, percussion
Ulrik Brohuus: drums, percussion

Ólavur Jákupsson: vocals
Ale Carr: cittern
Katrine Grarup Elbo, violin
Heiðrun Petersen: violin
Mads Haugsted Hansen: violin
Daniel Eklund: viola
Live Johansson: cello
Ketil Duckert: trumpet, flugelhorn
Gustav Rasmussen: trombone, bass trombone
Vokalselskabet GLAS: female choir


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Afenginn Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the leading voices of Scandinavian neo-folk, known for his ambitious orchestrated works. What defines this artist are his seemingly mercurial creative impulses, as each of the 6 full-length albums have been clear departures from the last. For the same reasons that Radiohead is sometimes labeled as prog, Afenginn can also be put into this camp for the way the emotional arc is designed ... more

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