Reptilica Polaris

by Afenginn

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Carsten Pieper
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Carsten Pieper More "bastard ethno" from Denmark and again, they throw a whole bunch of styles into the mix, gypsy, klezmer, south-east-european, what have you.
For this one they were chosen "Contemporary Folk Artist 2009" at the Danish Folk Music Awards! This album comes with choir and brass section. Finale nicely sums things up ... Favorite track: Finale.
Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Un super album camarade ! à la croisée de Russkaja et J.S. Bach !
Progressif si l'on veut, dépaysant et surprenant ; à écouter sous la neige et de préférence à Bicêtre. Très bon ! Favorite track: Massacre Gnu.
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Our third album, Reptilica Polaris, is a big and very ambitious piece of work. The album is composed as one long piece, almost like a symphony in 11 parts. It is generously orchestrated with a 12-piece brass band, male choir, extra percussion, guitars, string etc.

The idea to make Reptilica Polaris span off from the "Bastard Kompleks"-suite on Akrobakkus and was composed during 2006-2007.

The lyrics are written by the Finnish poet Timo Haapaniemi and are built up as a homemade syntax error lingua of latin, english, greek, finnish, swedish, german words - some kind of "street latin" if you wish :) It is poetic and lyrical and has much meaning although it takes some decoding to get the most out of them.

We started rehearsing and recording almost simultaneously, which made the recording session a rather time-demanding affair. We began working on the album late 2007 as a quintet, recording basic tracks and building it up piece by piece.

As we couldn't afford having a male choir and brass orchestra in the studio all the time, we had to imagine those parts while recording our basic tracks. This was a rather challenging quest, but turned out to work great when we got a hold on it.

The recordings were ready in March 2008, and Reptilica Polaris is released by TUTL in June the same year. It was very well received and won us a Danish Music Award for "Best Contemporary Artist"

Recording engineer: John Fomsgaard
Produced by: John Fomsgaard and Afenginn
Additional recording: Lars Nissen, Frank Grønbæk
Recorded at Reptile Studios, Copenhagen 2008


released July 10, 2008


Rasmus Krøyer: clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
Niels Skovmand: violin, viola
Kim Nyberg: mandolin
Aske Jacoby: bass, banjo, mandocello, mandolin, guitar, lapsteel
Rune Kofoed: drums, percussion
Chamber Choir Camerata: male choir
Martin Nagashima Toft: choir conductor
Bent Clausen: marimba
Ole Theill: tablas

All music written by Kim Nyberg
Lyrics by Timo Haapaniemi


Rene Bjerregaard Nielsen: brass conductor
Kasper Tranberg: cornet
Jens Gotholdt: cornet
Jesper Riis: cornet
Karl Husum: trumpet, flugelhorn, cornet
Christer Gustafsson: trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet
Mikael Frank Müller: trumpet, flugelhorn
Peter Dahlgren: trombone
Mads Hyhne: trombone
Lasse Frank Mouritzen: french horn
Øivind Slaatto: tuba


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Afenginn Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the leading voices of Scandinavian neo-folk, known for his ambitious orchestrated works. What defines this artist are his seemingly mercurial creative impulses, as each of the 6 full-length albums have been clear departures from the last. For the same reasons that Radiohead is sometimes labeled as prog, Afenginn can also be put into this camp for the way the emotional arc is designed ... more


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Track Name: Oh, Natura Totalitator
Krokodil, Alligator, Gavial Kajman Krokodil, Alligator, Mastodont
Kontra Amiral, Gavial Kajman
Gavial Kajman, Krokodil, Musicale Guttural
Oh, Natura Totalitator
Oh, Natura Totalitator!
Track Name: Ostinato Repetuum
Digestiv inhalator, Respirator Alligator
Conspirator usurpator, Mammon mammon liberator

Antipatus pantekrator, Carbohydrixivibrator
Sensmorale inspirator, Demokrator demokrator

Navigator escalator, Ammoniak separator
Exploitata implodator, Exhumator indikator
Track Name: Iguana Segregatis
Iguana segregatis, leguan reptil non-gratis
Dromedar astronaut, kameleopard patent
Krabba terra resta, Volvo krabba descer
Kraken ignorant

An Galapagos mutant, Sodomaternalvaran
Terranostra inx vulgaris, Inx dracukla, inx omstendis
Lynx komodo monstruoso, Octopedo omnicentrii
Septakopf decapitat
Track Name: Kaskelotti
Portugalska kaskelotti mare nostri abessini surfa penetrare la dia solare
Omedelbart derivare albatrosso
Kamikaze pirat aus septa mare
Terrorista I barbaro tutti patriare cosa I homini

Kronos saludo neptuni fabile ostrostratum humini

grosse mammal kaskelotti underfunden abyss surfa
rosso albatrosso imomento integrare
infernale drake panastrale horriri
Non-contrare albatrossa altruare castor liberare

Hosianna kapitano pantekrator

Kaskelotti portugale singulare disposibile carnum

Semi-permeabilo gelatino in condoma grande

Killa albatrosso aviare protum grasioso

Kaskelotta morto subtraktare conto pacifo I mare
Bacteria I barracuda konsum karna panallegro

Hosianna kaskelotti styx, Hosianna kaskelotti zen
Neptunus saludi kronos hell albatross kommondor
Track Name: Olmo Pasternale
Olmo pasternale, Olmo perfa animale
Subterrare, Submarino, Solitudo, Silentiare

Olmo nada vise, Tempo fluxi guanese
Antiphonus, Audipatus, Olmo solo, Oblisaurus

Olmo sublimare, Kreatura implodare
Humidori, Externali, Psykopator, Amorali

Sociale olmonauto, Avis jeuit invidi
Patologo, Guanistor, Anticorpus, Exhumator
Track Name: Dracul Mare Rosso
Dracul mare rosso, Horror ridis grosso
Familia reptil polaris, Castrator maxibrutalis
Cohone den dismembatis, Mare tropis venis satis
Snipp snapp snut, Dracul rosso brut

Testicale repulsator, Dracula satanis dator
Atrocitum guttocidor, Testicale homocidor
Pastorale genocidor mini, An rimini terraforma
Mortoporno sub, Amerika Klub
Track Name: Massacre Gnu
Gnu annale festivale, Carne remii flux agito
Krokodil carnevale, Nexum inuxi occasio

El akila lectocarne genocidis, Gnu fuga futile, gnu pervenio
Gnutii reptis supervenio, Vadum vide desperatis

Circa vide religio festus krokodil, Cykla orbis tempus tellus
Solenis carneval grande, Reveneo antilope quande

Krokodil Carnevale, Afrika daemonides, Grex millionare gnu surviva
Mille panis reptis ver, Camelum nubis dei speculum

Homo genius polar
Krakodil carneval natural
Deus krokodil gavial!
Track Name: Finale
En Sarkofag, Eoner vampyr gavial aurum
Gratis punis vanis usurpare, Divinare

Per dividend, Biennal kajman ratus burma
Homicide muy bien brutale, Sacramento

Du katapult. Monstrum faunae fissiobomba
Krokodil von pyrimidae satan, Bastarde kom

A kapillar, Vampyr krokodil analfaturum
Kronos morfo tao sanctuale, Indiana

El krokodil, Eoner parbellum gavial aurum
Ratus punis vanoincognito, Plus sarkofag

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